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Metalac a.d. is a share company seated in Gornji Milanovac. It was founded in 1959 and it became a share company in 1998. Today Metalac a.d. holds 14 subsidiaries organized with them as a group of companies: five of them are productive, five trading companies in the local market and four companiesabroad. Metalac Group employs about 2000 people.


All four production companies are in Serbia, located in Gornji Milanovac, 120 km from Belgrade. Metalac Posudje doo the oldest and the biggest subsidiary produces enameled, stainless steel and non-stick cookware, Metalac Inko doo fabricates stainless steel and granite sinks, and Granmatrix composite plates, Metalac Bojler doo produces water heaters and Metalac Print doo produces carton packing material and transfers for cookware decoration. As of September 2015 Metalac acquired also the factory of automotive parts now called Metalac FAD.


The trading companies on the local market are: Metalac Market doo as a retailer manages 52 specialized shops throughout Serbia, Metalac Home Market a.d. Novi Sad which places products of Metalac and widest range of household items on the market of Vojvodina and manages 20 specialized shops in Voivodina, Metalac Trade doo is a major wholesale of imported household items, and Metalac Proleter a.d. is major supplier of citizens in the province of Gornji Milanovac through 43 points of sale. The company Metpor doo Belgrade acts as an agent of different foreign companies.


All four companies abroad deal mostly with placement of various Metalac products.The biggest share is from Metrot doo Moscow which operates in Russia for 13 years. The youngest company Metalac Ukraine was founded in 2011. Metalac Home Market covers the market in Croatia. In Montenegro products are sold through Metalac Market Podgorica.


Metalac a.d. shares are quoted on the Standard listing of the Belgrade Exchange. Exchange analysts say that Metalac is one of the “healthiest” Serbian companies.


In 2015 according to the consolidate statemen Metalac made 62,6 million euro turnover and net profit of three million euro. Cookware production is core-business and the company Metalac Posudje is one of major cookware producers in Europe.

Metalac exports its products to 25 countries of all continents. Except traditional presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Macedonia, about 5 million product units, mostly cookware, goes from Metalac to: Russia, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria... and as far as Japan, USA and Australia.


Metalac a.d. has integrated Quality Management System ISO 9001 and Environmental Protection Management System IS 14001 certified by TÜV. The company is dedicated to all aspects of sustainable development.





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