Instruction for preparing the press



  • Artworks need to be submitted in PDF and AI, version CS3, CDR up to version X4, EPS, TIF, JPEG-(maximum quality);
  • TIF and JEPG to be used only in case there are no small letters or barcodes or any other small elements as these are pixel files and printed small elements will not come out sharp;
  • CMYK color mode or GRAYSCALE (for black and white printing);
  • If any special color profile is used, please specify.
  • Bitmaps need to be of adequate resolution (300 dpi minimum);
  • File size needs to show real dimensions of 1:1 ratio on the tools that will be used for printing and consequently for cutting.
    - No need to include bleed and crop marks or similar.
  • With open files (CDR, AI…) all fonts need to be converted into curves; in case any changes to the text are needed, please include all the fonts used and specify to which one(s) such change refers.
    Moreover, files that include bitmaps have to be embodied and if any changes are needed, please include TIFF or PSD of the above mentioned resolution.
  • Use of transparency effect should be avoided. Please indicate if black (K) overprint is not used, otherwise black overprint is understood.
  • Use 100% K Black for body text, barcodes or QR Codes (and not Rich Black obtained with all CMYK colors, or RGB)
  • PDF files need to be composite (not separated);
  • When creating PDF files choose “Press Quality” option (preset when exporting, saving or distilling a *.PS file)
  • If a printed product will be die cut the file needs to include also die lines (cuts, folds…) in a different spot color (overprint).

Thank you for cooperation!
Goran Nikolić
Graphic Designer




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