Décor transfer



Décor transfers are printed in indirect screen printing technology, specific and apt to work with higher number of colours and keep thickness of colour layer under control. Number of colours is going from 1 to 12 (6 at average).
Décor transfers may be applied to ceramics, porcelain, glass and enamel but each of these materials requires specific type of pigments and curing temperature.
Metalac Print includes various sections like design studio, process techonolgy and production technical preparation.
There are two lines of automatic machines for screen printing of B2 format (500x700mm) and varnishing line with three conventional Wicket dryers. Different sections in change follow the production process in segments like dispersion of pigments, chemical treatment and preparation of screens.
Raw materials used for production with certified quallity are supplied by known producers: special purpose paper (Tulis Russel), pigments , varnishes and media (Ferro). Process ceramic (CMYK) and covering pigments are used.
Decoration and transferred to surfaces which are decorated and cured in certain temperature regime. For enamel surfaces curring temperature goes from 760 to 810 Celsius.
Work procedure is first to make samples developing certain design (submitted in electronic form or as physical sample of plate, mug or similar) with predefined substrate (enamel) colour. Series production starts once samples are approved.



dek-1 M-2296 M-2363 M-2294

M-2327 M-2405 M-2439 M-2348
M-2359 M-2027 M-2060 M-2086
M-2095 M-2100 M-2122 M-2128
M-2135 M-2146 M-2032 M-2064
M-2088 M-2097 M-2107 M-2125
M-2130 M-2136 M-2148 M-2039
M-2066 M-2089 M-2098 M-2112
M-2126 M-2132 M-2138 M-2151
dek1 M-2744 M-2704 M-2681
M-2788 M-2951 M-2821 M-2936




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