Design and prepress

  • Designer solutions 
  • Full prepress follow-up and proofing
  • Specialized equipment, Esco software, Adobe packages


Preparation for printing is a second phase of graphic product manufacture and includes coordination of all graphic elements in a whole making them adequate for printing colour profiles and preparation of a specific file for output device.

Preparation for printing includes:

  • Retouching of images, photos and scanning
  • Elaboration of textual shapes, data input, text correction and lecture
  • Production of graphic elements that follow these processes - plates, graphs, schemes, drawings and putting all the elements together

Final product could not be obtained without preparation phase which is essential for actualization of an idea. If prepartion is carried out well the product itself will meet clients expectations. An idea as a task could be accomplished only knowing types and kinds of printing, retouch procedure, types of paper, cartons and other materials included in the printing process.


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